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Rashmi Sheel, President CMIT Solutions of Sugar Land interview on October 2nd -Now Media Radio TV

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Did you know two thirds of remote workers don’t report accidental damage to their work laptop, because they’re scared of getting into trouble? Many swap to their personal laptop instead. Our latest tech update video explains why this is a big data security “no no” – and what you can do to help your staff not feel so bad when the cat knocks a drink over their keyboard.

The White House has issued some vital information to protect businesses here from a potential Russian cyber-attack. Watch this week’s video to learn what the advice is. And the most important steps you can take to protect your business.

How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now? 20, 30, 50… more? If you have to wade through dozens of open tabs every day, this new feature in Microsoft’s Edge browser is going to save you a lot of time.

If you send an email to your team late at night, would they feel like they had to reply? According to Microsoft’s CEO, that could be a big productivity killer. Watch our latest tech update video to find out why, and what you can do to remove your business’s culture of after-hours emails.

Prices are shooting up. Inflation is up, the price of gas is up, and energy prices are rising for many. Yet businesses are increasing their IT spend this year. Here’s why.

Microsoft Edge is introducing a new and improved password management feature. But we think you should avoid it. Watch this week’s tech update video to find out why.

Microsoft Teams keeps getting better and better. There are lots of new features being launched over the coming months- here are three we’re looking forward to.

Cloud we be just a few years away form the death of the password? Microsoft, Apple, and Google have joined forces on a new initiative to kill it dead. Here’s what they have planned as a replacement.

Video calls aren’t going anywhere thanks to hybrid working. Here are three easy upgrades to improve your video call setup.

Would you pay cybercriminals if they stole your data with a ransomware attack? The majority of business leaders who’ve already been attacked say they would – and we explore why in this week’s Tech Update video.

There are three common cyber security mistakes made by businesses like yours. And each one can make it easier for cyber criminals to break into your network and steal your data. Here’s what they are and how to protect yourself.

Fed up getting alerts from websites you only visited once or twice… but made the mistake of allowing them to send you notifications? Lots of people are – so Google is changing Chrome to do something about it. Here’s what they have planned.

It might not be something you ever think about – but dealing with spam emails is a real productivity killer for you and your team. Researchers have just calculated how much time you could be losing to spam… here’s the figure.

Have you ever worried that your applications might be accessing your camera or microphone in secret – to spy on you? This isn’t just a risk with your phone. Your laptop has a camera and microphone too. Now Microsoft’s making it easier to find out which of your apps are accessing your hardware – and other sensitive data. Here’s our latest tech update video.

Microsoft’s retiring and reworking some of its AI software, as it doesn’t meet the tech giant’s new standards on AI. This is a responsible move, right? Here’s how future AI could empower your business.

Your staff care about your business’s cyber security – but not all employees think the same. In fact, half are using software that’s been banned by their IT department. Our new video explores why.

Only half of businesses have cloud-based cyber security protection that protects their staff wherever they work… and yet three quarters of businesses now have people working away from the office regularly. Here’s how to check if your business is protected.

Has the global chip shortage affected your business yet? If you want to upgrade devices in the next year, it might do. Here’s why it’s happening and what you can do to stay ahead.

Remote working might be the current big thing, but have you ever properly considered the implications for your staff and your business? These are the big areas to look at.

There’s a new phishing scam, and it uses a powerful psychological tactic to manipulate you into giving away your login details.

Everyone on your team needs to be aware of this one to avoid falling victim.

Still using Windows 10? Good news – it’s getting a couple of the most useful features from Windows 11. They’ll help you save time, increase privacy, and… stop paper waste! Here’s what you need to know.

Everyone hates passwords. And they could soon be a thing of the past. Passkeys are set to take over, and Apple’s the first company to roll them out this fall. Here’s what Passkeys are and how they work.

Millions of people have downloaded a malicious browser extension containing adware or malware – and have no idea. We explore the productivity and security risks, and how to protect your business.

The latest cyber security scam seems old fashioned. But it’s so unusual that maybe someone in your business would fall for it. Here’s what’s happening – and why you must warn your team about it.

We all rely on USB every day to do our work. Later this year USB will be able to transfer data much faster – and you might not even need new cables to benefit.

Android 13 is here – and it’s safer for your business. The updated mobile OS comes with new features that will help your team maintain a good work/life balance – while giving you more control over safety and security. Here’s the lowdown.

When your team works at home, do you think they’re more productive, or less? A new survey has the definitive answer – and you might be surprised…

When you’re setting up a new device and downloading Zoom, triple check you’re getting it from the right place. Six fake download sites have recently been uncovered. Here’s how to keep your business safe.

Are your employees sharing sensitive files over Teams using their personal devices? It’s highly likely according to new stats. But it needs to stop if you want to keep your data safe. Our latest tech update video tells you why.

Windows 11 still feels brand new, but we’re hearing whispers of Windows 12 already. Want to know more?

Our latest video tells you everything we know so far.

The metaverse is set to change the way we use the internet forever. Microsoft is trying to ease us in gently with its latest (and most fun) Teams update yet!

Our latest tech update video has the details.

Would your business risk using pirated software? Many would according to a new study, and it’s really risky.

Watch our latest tech update video to learn why it’s such a bad idea

How much time are you losing each week thanks to your video calling set up?

It could be a lot more than you expect. And it’s making a big dent in your business productivity.

Watch our latest tech update video to see how you can save hours each month.

If you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser, you might be at risk from a malicious add-on called Cloud9. It could be a nightmare for your business.

Watch our latest tech update video to see how you could be infected, and how to protect your business.

Zoom is aiming to take on the likes of Microsoft Teams and Slack, with a whole suite of new tools and collaboration features.

We’ll be watching what happens but it’s going to take a lot to tempt businesses away from Teams. Here’s the lowdown.

Are your employees doing any last-minute online shopping while they’re at work?

You may be OK with this as Christmas gets closer. But the rise in social media and email shopping scams means you need to be aware of the risks.

Our latest tech update video has everything you need to know.

Next year, passkeys will start to replace traditional passwords to give us a more secure way of logging into our accounts.

 Some of the big password managers are now supporting them, which is great news.

Watch our latest tech update video to find out more.

If you use Microsoft Windows in your business, there’s a huge target on your back and thousands of criminals have you firmly in their sights.

 But you don’t have to worry. Watch our latest tech update video to learn more about staying safe.